Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cultivate at Busch Gardens!

When we started Cultivate (our youth mentoring program) at the beginning of the year we set a variety of goals and incentives for the students. They earned points by attending Cultivate, getting A's and B's on tests and report cards, and for service hours in the community. Each month and quarter there were different prizes to win based on the amount of points the students earned. But we also set a grand prize for the year, a trip to Busch Gardens, for any student who attended 75% of Cultivate meetings and who had a 3.0 grade point average.

This year we had four students who won the grand prize (woohoo!), and this past Saturday a small group of us (unfortunately life events prevented two of our winners and a couple of leaders from joining us) went to Busch Gardens to celebrate! While the rides were fun, in my opinion the best part of the day was simply enjoying the relationships that God created through Cultivate. At this time last year we were just starting to get to know some of the students in the neighborhood, and on Saturday we talked and related as spiritual family. And that in turn made me reflect on all the different people we met, the friendships that were birthed, and the significant moments that God orchestrated through our rag-tag ministry. So thank you Lord for your provision for Cultivate, and below are a few pics of fun at the park!

A tired but happy bunch!
Super proud of these two young ladies!

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