Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Welcome to the Team Edward!

Today we get to put our missional theology discussion on hold for a great reason: we're welcoming a new local missionary to the Burning Bush Communities family!

Say hello to Edward Ekwa everyone!

Edward is originally from Cameroon, and he moved to the US in 2009. He has served in a variety of ministries and leadership roles in Cameroon, Nigeria, Liberia and here in southwest Florida as well. Edward has a passion for revealing the love of God and the gospel through ministries and outreach events in the marketplace, and then walking with new disciples as they learn the way of Jesus. We are thrilled that Edward will be joining our community of local missionaries, and we look forwarded to receiving the blessings from his deep love for Jesus and his rich experiences as a ministry leader.

Please join me in praying for Edward, and for the community he is planting, Faith in the Word!

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