Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Why Are You Doing This: Motivations, Part Four

So, let’s ask the question one last time . . . “Now why are you doing this?”

We're doing this because there are lots of disciples out there serving now, and we believe that a network of like-minded local missionaries can maximize our impact.

We don’t want Burning Bush Communities to be limited to the work that John, Amy and our small community will do.  Our desire is to grow into a network that supports ALL the grassroots ministries and missionaries in our backyard who are already working and sacrificing for Kingdom transformation. We are newcomers and novices when it comes to grassroots ministry in Fort Myers, and our hope is to support and encourage the folks that we are joining in this work.

Since beginning this journey we have discovered a number of amazing ministries being led by “normal”, working people, who sacrifice their time, energy and money to serve others in Christ’s name. They do all kinds of awesome things, like:

- serving hot, delicious meals to the homeless in parks downtown,
- developing resource sharing networks for struggling people in central Fort Myers,
- mentoring adolescents in Dunbar and Lehigh,
- holding church services for the homeless at Centennial Park,
- operating bike repair and refurbishing services for the poor,
- and much more.

Many of these grassroots ministries have very little financial and development assistance, or administrative help, or even simply emotional or spiritual supports. We want to change that! It is a goal of BBC to create an “opt-in” network for all the grassroots ministries serving in Jesus’ name. There will be no cost for ministries join this network; we will simply offer support administratively, financially, emotionally and spiritually so that they can focus their time and energy on their ministry. Furthermore, we hope a network like this will encourage others to join into the labor. We believe that if we can provide a “mission hub”, a place where aspiring missionaries are supported in their ministry efforts from start to finish, they will be more willing to take the risk in trying to birth a new ministry.

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