Monday, March 25, 2019

The Hotdog Grill

Grilling season never ends in Fort Myers. It might be a little chilly, or a little wet, but you can fire up a grill here just about everyday. And if you are a hungry non-vegetarian, being handed a freshly grilled hotdog or hamburger at lunchtime at no cost feels pretty close to true love... maybe even the love of Jesus. And that is exactly why John and Darla Mezger fire up the grill in the park on weekends: to make the love of Jesus known to neighbors through a warm welcome and a warm meal!

Several years ago the Holy Spirit laid a desire on John and Darla's heart to love on their neighborhood by meeting practical needs and creating a space for neighbors to connect. Out of this desire a hotdog ministry was born (hamburgers have been added since). It's a simple deal: a sign, a grill, a few coolers, and some chairs for folks to sit in as they enjoy their meal. But out of this simple act of grilling many friendships have been born and lives touched. John and Darla have cooked out all over San Carlos Park and have blessed hundreds (if not thousands) of neighbors with a delicious lunch, a word of encouragement, and an opportunity to learn about Jesus.

A desire to share God's love with neighbors, a willingness to take the risk and go, and persistence in making Jesus known through kind deeds and both gracious and truthful words... these are Burning Bush traits. And as soon as I met John and Darla, saw them in action, and heard their story I felt they would be a good fit for our team. So I am thrilled to announce today that they have taken me up on the invitation and have joined the Burning Bush family!

So, a warm welcome to John and Darla, and we look forward to seeing how Jesus will continue to use your grill, your warmth, and your heart to serve in San Carlos Park and beyond!

It must be lunchtime!

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