Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Foundation Ministry

My favorite blogs to write are blogs which introduce new local missionaries and new mission endeavors. Nothing gets us more fired up at Burning Bush than seeing ordinary disciples claim a calling, take a risk, and make the sacrifice to reveal the King and His Kingdom. So I am thrilled that I am getting to write on of those blogs today!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Lori Ann Martell, a local missionary who is launching the "Foundation Ministry" in partnership with Burning Bush Communities. Foundation seeks to love, serve and empower single mothers who are working to get back on their feet and put addiction in the past. It is really a an amazing ministry, as Lori Ann is weaving together her clinical background in drug rehab, her Christian discipleship training, and substance abuse counseling resources to assist women who are ready to move towards the healing that Christ offers. Lori Ann is hardly a newcomer in serving and working with this demographic, but this is the first time she's had the opportunity to bring all these pieces of the healing puzzle together. She is currently working with several mothers, and already there are more women interested in the ministry as word is getting out.

Please keep Lori Ann your prayers! Pray that Christ would gather a team to serve with her and guide her in establishing a community in which women can work through this long-term healing process together.

Lori Ann loving on a new member of the Foundation family!
A family on the road of healing...

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