Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Welcome to the family Greg!

Readers, today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Gregory Greene! Greg is a local missionary who has faithfully served in Dunbar and central Fort Myers for years and is now looking to capitalize on his experience and network to launch Greene Harvest Ministries. I connected with Greg through our friend Permon Thomas, and was thrilled to hear Greg's excitement for gathering neighbors who are searching for God but believe church is for "other people." Furthermore, Greg is servant who is focused on seeing others join into the mission. He  understands the call to equip and empower more ordinary people to both follow Jesus and serve Jesus by extending that call to others in mission. After hearing Greg's heart and sharing our story we agreed that Greg would be a good fit with Burning Bush.

Welcome to the family Greg, and we are looking forward to seeing God use you in big ways in Fort Myers and beyond!  

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