Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Lights on Broadway

Well fearless readers, Burning Bush Communities has finally made it to Broadway!

No, no, not that Broadway. But who needs that anyway? We’ve got a much hotter and more “authentic” Broadway, with plenty of character(s) and even a few flashing lights (sirens count, right?). So basically we made it to the top!  

Okay, enough jokes. Today we are signing the lease for our new space at 3594 Broadway Avenue, Suite E. Right now, she ain’t much to look at- and perhaps she never will be- but we’re very excited about using this space to serve the greater Broadway neighborhood. (For those of you familiar with Fort Myers we’re in a big neighborhood with boundaries roughly at 41, MLK, Fowler and Winkler.)

We have two goals for the space:
Serve local ministries who don’t have office and meeting space, and,
Serve at-risk students in our neighborhood through whatever means we can find.

As of right now, we are working on developing a partnership with another local non-profit to provide a free after-school program for neighborhood children, and we are dreaming up and planning a mentoring program for middle or high school students who attend schools in or bordering the neighborhood. Please keep these items in your prayers as over the summer as we have lots of work to do!

More on the space to come in future posts, but for now I’m off to find a delicious (yeah right) and "simple" snack because it is the LAST WEEK of the simple diet experiment! Thank you Lord we have almost made it because I am really tired of rice and beans! (I will post some reflections on the diet next week, FYI.)

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